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Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Forté Pharma Laboratories is a French pharmaceutical company, specialized in Food Supplements. We are the leading expert on weight-loss and weight-management, with top positions in France and in other European countries (Belgium, Austria, Spain, Portugal).
Founded in 1999, Forté Pharma Laboratories have sold more than 30 million units of weight-loss products across Europe, helping millions of women managing their weight in a healthy way.
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What is our expertise ?

Forté Pharma Laboratories offers effective solutions using formulas based on research into Cell Nutrition through work directed by our founder, Doctor Yann Rougier.

"The dawn of the 21st century is a veritable biological and nutritional “challenge” for our overworked bodies. The research teams at Forté Pharma Laboratories have taken up the challenge by offering unique formulas that work "on our core needs": the essential right to well-being, beauty and health ..."

 Doctor Yann Rougier is a specialist in Neurosciences & Nutrition, and has published a nutritional method recognized by the scientific & medical community in France : the SLIM-data® method. 
Doctor Yann Rougier ‘s books are published in French.



"Voulez-vous maigrir avec moi?" (Would you like to slim with me?) based on SLIM-DATA, an effective and acknowledged dieting method, published in 2007 by Albin Michel


"Se programmer pour guérir" on Delta-Medicine methods, published in 2009 by Albin Michel